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American Girl Doll (Marisol)



The American Girl Doll is an absolute phenomenom for good reason. They teach wholesome values and they look real, unlike the shapely Barbie or tarted up Bratz There are, also, endless supply of accessories that are interchangeable among all of the American Girl Dolls.

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American Girl Marisol

Marisol is 18" American Girl Doll talk with light brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair that you can style in so many different ways!
She arrives fresh from dance class wearing her Satin Cargo Pants. a Purple Wrap-around Top, with a Pink Tank underneath. She is also wearing Mary Jane Shoes with metallic vinyl accents.
American Girl Dolls
American Girl Doll Marisol's Trunk includes everything Marisol needs to take her show on the road.
American Girl Doll Marisol's Book- Included too!!!

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