What Baby Swing Should I Get For My Colic Baby?

Colic in babies is a condition in which a baby cries for a prolonged time without any apparent reason. Baby Colic mostly starts a few weeks after birth and reaches its peak between weeks 4 and 6. By the time the baby is 3-4 months old, colic considerably dies down. However, for first-time parents, dealing with colic can be stressful. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for baby colic. Parents can, however, do certain things to soothe their babies and avoid any possible triggers. Baby Swings are a huge help in dealing with colic babies.

How do baby swings help with a colic baby?

A baby swing can be a boon to first-time parents struggling with a colic baby. How do baby swings help with a colic baby? The answer is simple. Within the mother’s womb, babies experience a lot of motion and get used to it. Once they are out in the real world, they crave this motion and often cry when they miss the feeling of being in their mother’s womb. A baby swing can bring a crying giving instant comfort by giving them the secure feeling of a mother’s womb by inducing the same motion.

Similarly, swaddling is essential too. To an adult, swaddling may seem like a terrible thing to do to someone, but babies enjoy being swaddled. It gives them the comfort provided by their mother’s womb. However, do not wrap your child too tightly; they should always be able to wiggle their arms and legs out.

If you are looking for a baby swing for your colic baby, remember to look for a proper baby swing that gives your baby the feeling of being back in the womb. You should be able to swaddle your baby in the swing nicely. If you are on the lookout for a baby swing for your colic baby, here our top 5 picks.

baby swing for colic babies

What Baby Swing Should I Get For My Colic Baby?

1. Colic Baby Rocker – Graco Duet Soothe Swing: This rocker/swing is one of the most reasonably priced swings available in the market currently. It features two vibrating speeds, and thus, you can easily adjust the swinging speed to your baby’s liking. It also supports three different sitting positions, and therefore, you will be able to swaddle your baby in the swing nicely.

2. Grace Simple Sway Baby Swing: The Grace Simple Sway Baby swing features two vibrating speeds and six swing speeds. Thus, your little one will have many options to choose from. Moreover, this swing is quite compact and will fit in any corner of your house.

3. Best Baby Chair for Colics – 4moms MamaRoo: This is one of the best swings available for colicky babies. The swing has five unique motions that very closely resemble parents’ movements. The fabric used is quite comfortable as well as machine washable. The swing features built-in music to relax your baby. Finally, it also features a reclining seat where you can comfortably swaddle your baby.

Colic isn’t a big problem and doesn’t lead to any short-term or long-term effects on your baby. However, dealing with a colic baby can be especially frustrating for first-time and working parents. A good baby swing makes life a whole lot easier for parents and babies.